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Notes from my Phone

Here are some of the notes in my phone that inspire my art. Snippets from conversations, quotes from my favourite songs and phrases from novels. I add to them daily and read them when I don't know what to write. I collect my phrases of poetry and the imagery I create to use when I feel inspired. I hope that you can find some inspiration here as well. The only way to write is to write.

"it felt like the sound your headphones make when you

plug them in but no music is playing"

kids book: a bald unicorn

teddy bears hanging in a tree

think about the people who loved you into being

a dancer realizing they don't want to dance anymore

"gravity lured her,

kissing the bottoms of her

aching feet.

it tangled its arms around her waist"

umbrellas for sale

"the lilac scent fueled the beast"

"it's time to let the sun have its day"

the seagulls coming from all over to follow a tractor

"feed elephants sunflower seeds"

mail carriers spending time with the elderly

angels are not for the faint of heart

"waves chasing each other up the shore"

leaving peaches everywhere

"pulled the rind from the moon like a piece of fruit"

"god is in charge of animals,

and the goddess

is in charge of people and princesses"

(quote by 3 year old me)

the mess she made was spectacular

butterflies in the city

"eating my angel"

is beauty an obsession?

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