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Everyday Fashion - The Bathrobe

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it hung on the back of the damp bathroom door or lay in the pile of polka dot pajamas mismatched socks and leather skirts at the end of her bed it was periwinkle and plush like the belly of a kitten and smelled like honey lip balm and vanilla conditioner and explosive yawns

the bathrobe was her morning gown meant to be worn not on the red carpet but the golden one created by the morning sunshine sliding through her kitchen window

in its pockets you would find a lonely pearl earring and every song from dirty dancing

the robe’s sash, a knotted version of the sash slung across miss universe’s shoulders, reminded her of nights spent dancing with bowls of cereal, stumbling in the door as she ran from the waking sun with a foggy haze still clinging to her heels, and crying on the floor, tissues strewn around her head like the world’s least glorious crown

it enveloped her like the sounds of traffic in the rain and reminded her of the space behind his earlobe the bathrobe danced with her when her sister wasn’t there and was audience to all of her shower solos it helped her follow unnecessarily confusing recipes and clapped when she asked the man across the hall out to coffee every oscars speech she ever delivered was done in that bathrobe

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