I grew up surrounded by artists and those who appreciate creativity. Dance, poetry, painting, drawing, handwork, and music filled my childhood both at school and at home. I enjoy any creative activity from dance, both competitive and in the kitchen, to photography, to creative writing and design. I am a maximalist, an eclectic soul even when it comes to my art. I want this to be shown in my website, with an abundance of visual stimuli and interesting components. I want an authentic representation of myself. 

Eclectic and playful, Notes in my Phone is a personal space for work that brings me happiness, sparks my creativity and hopefully inspires others to pursue their passions as well. You will also be able to access written works, catch a glimpse into the words, images and feelings that follow me around and whisper in my ear. Meander through my written work to see how I develop and continue to grow my artistic voice and the way I learn through process as well as product. I hope you find my website visually rich and interesting, and that when you leave it you move into the rest of your day feeling happier than before.    

All About Me

All About Me


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